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The ultimate tool
for individual device control at shows, events and installations!

    Manual and automated control through intuitive interfaces.


    All current media servers and a variety of common devices for shows and events are controllable without training and prior experience.

    Parallel backup systems and control
    over all connections.


    All devices in the network are constantly monitored and logged. Hardware failures can be automatically detected and evaluated.

    From small trade fairs
    to home control.


    Time-saving wizards facilitate the design of the interface even when time is of the essence. New devices can be installed at short notice and made ready to used.



    Unlimited interface design and free show-control
    for 5 minutes.


    Upgrade from UNIVERSE v.1


    Full control anytime, anywhere + priority support

    UNIVERSE can be used without any limitations for the first 5 minutes. After that, interfaces still can be created but all incoming and outgoing connections are blocked.

    Even without a license we offer
    full support.

    A license upgrade can be made with the supplied LicenceManager. Exchanging the dongle is not necessary. UNIVERSE 2 is fully backwards compatible.

    The license is provided via a driver-free dongle. UNIVERSE can be used on any system starting from Windows 7, even without installation rights.

    Licensed users get priority support for questions regarding the operation and integration of additional equipment.

    All available options

    UNIVERSE Downloads

    Full Version


    UNIVERSE can be used without any limitations for the first 5 minutes. After that, incoming and outgoing connections are blocked. However, all functions for interface creation are still fully accessible.

    The license is provided through a driver-free dongle.

    Win 7/8.1/10

    Includes all satellites, as well as all necessary packages to get started immediately, even on computers with factory settings.


    Only includes UNIVERSE without satellites. Any necessary packages need to be installed manually. This version can be executed directly from a removable drive.


    Satellite Control

    Satellite PowerPoint

    Satellite Care

    Controls one or more remote PCs, and is able to start processes and emulate keyboard inputs.


    Loads and controls a power-point presentation and sends feedback on the current state of the presentation to UNIVERSE for evaluation.


    Monitors CPU, GPU, RAM and temperature of the target system. Supervision of started and stopped processes.


    Always up-to-date

    List of devices -

    UNIVERSE is constantly enhanced and improved. If a device is not listed, we will try to incorporate it as soon as possible.

    Medienserver & Player

    • d3
    • Pandoras Box
    • Picturall Octo
    • Playback Pro Plus
    • Ventuz
    • VLC Player
    • Watchout
    • Wings Platinum

    Matrix Switcher

    • Barco DVI MatrixPro II
    • Blackmagic Videohub
    • Extron Matrix (SMX)
    • Lightware Matrix
    • Ponderosa HDG3


    • Barco
    • NEC
    • Panasonic
    • Projection Design

    Video Processing

    • Analog Way LiveCore
    • Analog Way Orchestra
    • Analogway Puls²
    • Barco E2
    • Barco Encore 1
    • Barco ImagePro 2
    • Barco ImagePro HD
    • Barco PDS
    • Barco S3
    • Calibre HDQ 625/725
    • Extron IN 1606
    • tvOne C2-2x55


    • AV TC30
    • KissBox DMX
    • Orion OPM
    • Phidget InterfaceKit
    • Yamaha MTX3/5
    • Soundweb


    • ArtNet
    • MIDI
    • OSC
    • PJLink
    • Serial
    • TCP
    • UDP


    • Control
    • PowerPoint
    • Care


    • Ping

    Powerful tool – Intuitive operation

    Basic tutorials for a quick start

    UNIVERSE is designed to facilitate your day-to-day production.

    Our tool is the only product on the market covering such a wide range of media servers and video components. Therefore our main focus lies on control, safety and flexibility.

    The intuitive interface gets you up and running in no time. But see for yourself...

    PS: The videos are in german language right now. English variants will comming soon.

    Development, bug fixes, new features

    Quick news about us!


    • Tutorials
    • Release Notes
    • Showcases

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    Support, purchase...
    How can we help?

    UNIVERSE has been developed through use and is designed to simplify the stressful event and show routine. And it comes with a reliable support. If you have any questions or wishes, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us!


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    Immenhofer Str. 17
    70180 Stuttgart

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