At the IAA Hannover Daimler presented over 45 trucks, busses and heavy duty vehicles. Each one had a stele beside it showing information about the specific vehicle.

The software powering the steles was developed by FRIDIE interactive and implements a feature to get content from a single server that hosts information for all vehicles. The update is triggered by a simple keystroke.

To control the steles remotely one instance of UNIVERSE is running on a service tablet. Every single stele runs the UNIVERSE Satellite Control to enable remote reboot and keystrokes.

As soon as new content is uploaded to the server the steles can be updated. The user presses the Update Content Button and UNIVERSE sends a keystroke via the Satellite Control to the application which then starts the update process.

UNIVERSE helps to maintain a system of many different devices and brings the functionality to one single device with a simple and easy to understand interface.