In the last few years the Behringer X32 audio mixer has gained a lot of popularity for its rich set of features at an affordable price.

To satisfy the rising use of the device in both permanent and temporary installations we now integrated the X32 into the latest version of UNIVERSE. This allows you to not only take control over the video playback but also the audio setup.

UNIVERSE can control the levels of the channels and DCA faders and of the Main fader. Futhermore it enables you to switch between the scenes on the X32.

Using the onboard fade funtionalities of the faders in UNIVERSE you can easily realize e.g crossfading between different channels or control groups of faders according to the current cue.

As you are already used to you can add the X32 as a device to the project. Afterwards you can drag and drop it into the command stack of your control from the commands section.

Let us know what you think and how you use the X32 in your UNIVERSE setup!