Lade UNIVERSE oder die Zusatztools Satellites herunter und beginne gleich mit deinem ersten Projekt.


Ohne Lizenz kann mit UNIVERSE die komplette Show programmiert und alle eingesetzten Geräte getestet werden. Nach fünf Minuten werden lediglich alle ein- und ausgehenden Signale unterbrochen, alle weiteren Funktionen bleiben jedoch erhalten.

(Win 7/8/8.1/10)

Aktuelle Version 3.9.1


Satellite Control V3*

Fernsteuerung und Analyse entfernter Windows Rechner in Verbindung mit UNIVERSE. Prozesse können ausgeführt und überwacht werden. Ein autonomer Watchdog ermöglicht auch den Betrieb ohne UNIVERSE.

(Win 7/8/8.1/10)


Satellite PPT V3*

Fernsteuerung von PowerPoint-Präsentation ab Office 2010 durch UNIVERSE. Ebenso ist es möglich durch den Ablauf einer Präsentation Ereignisse in UNIVERSE auszulösen.

(Win 7/8/8.1/10)


*Satellites sind kostenlose Zusatztools, welche auch im UNIVERSE-Installer enthalten sind.


UNIVERSE v.3 bietet den gleichen Komfort wie seine beiden Vorgänger, wurde aber in vielen Punkten entscheidend weiterentwickelt. Neben vielen kleinen Verbesserungen, wurden eine Timeline, Logikstrukturen und ein Webinterface eingeführt. Upgrade sowie Lizenzerwerb können nun auch online, ohne Hardwaredongle durchgeführt werden und es wurden spezielle Funktionen für den Rental-Bereich eingeführt. Weiterhin wurde die Performance verbessert und das Interface reaktiver gestaltet.

– Feature: Activation/Toggle Color for buttons is changeable
– Feature: Label for Activation added
– Feature: Lazy Readout for Phidget Inteface Kit Digital Input
– Feature: Invert Digital Input for Phidget Interface Kit
– Featrue: Phidget Interface Kit can be dragged to stage to provide data
– Feature: Timelines can be removed
– Feature: Reactivating Barco e2/S3 as EventMaster 5.x to support older systems
– Feature: OSC address filter for OSC devices on stage
– Feature: Added full Trigger support for Satellite PPT (Slide ID, State, Presentation Name)
– Feature: AnalogWay Cmd “Load Confidential Monitor Preset” added
– Feature: Countdown Time can be set dynamicly with a button connection

– Change: Orbiter for Baro EventMaster-Presets can nor read more Presets
– Change: Satellite Control – System Control is deactivated in default

– New Device: AV Playback

– FIX: Wrong Label correction when using variables in some cases
– FIX: Changing the type of connection (Data Only / Data & Execution) can cause crash when selecting switched line
– FIX: StreamDeck may not update correctly in ShowMode
– FIX: Memory Leak in some cases of using the WebInterface
– FIX: Wings Quick Control “Play” can cause crash
– FIX: Print Messages now deactivateable for all connections
– FIX: Loading Bug in Statellite PPT
– FIX: If using multiple monitors with different dpi, multi stage projects will now displayed correctly
– FIX: Generator is now able to use interval gt. 1000ms
– FIX: Blue progressbar has locked Buttons in some cases of sending WebRequests (like KiPro or EventMaster 6.x)

– Feature: Labels of Label, Button and Fader can be set dynamically by variables
– Feature: Button can be labled with command names and parameter of containing commands
– Feature: Confirm Incomming Data for MIDI (importand for e.g. Behringer Touch)
– Feature: “Snap To Default Value” for fader added
– Feature: Modifier Varaible can now add, substract, multiplay or divide an incomming value
– Feature: Power Point Satellite – Presentation File parameter in UV can be mapped by other controls/modifier/external inputs
– Feature: UNIVERSE can accept key strokes even if it’s in background or minimized (Project Properties)
– Feature: Orbiter for Baro EventMaster-Presets
– Feature: StreamDeck support can be deactivated in UNIVERSE properties if using other software for controlling

– Change: ArtNet default port changed to 6454
– Change: Barco e2 and Barco S3 are now Barco EventMaster e2/S3
– Change: Switched to EventMaster JSON-Protocol
– Change: Button maximum Size increased to 1000×1000
– Change: ff a project contains a StreamDeck configuration that not fits to a connected StreamDeck, it will be converted

– New Device: Panasonic Dome Cam AW-HEx/UEx
– New Device: Behringer X-Touch
– New Device: TSL UMD v.3.1

– Fix: Fader for Roland VH1 – HDMI-Volume can cause crash
– Fix: Timer and Watchdog are not longer visible for invalid controls
– FIX: Satellite Control applying mouse coordiantes right again
– FIX: Goto-Cmd for Satellite PPT war broken
– FIX: Blue selection border for stages is not longer visible in KISOK-Mode
– FIX: WakeOnLan for Statellite Control is working again
– FIX: Removing a device will also remove stage representative
– FIX: Pandoras Box is now providing data on stage in a propper way

– Feature: Stream Deck support
– Feature: Mark as Activated works now for ShortCuts too
– Feature: Modifier Variable can now be linked to Label
– Feature: Webinterface is now supporting images for background and buttons
– Feature: Webinterface is now supportinz Picture Control

– Change: ArtNet Monitor is not longer visible by default (uese View->Tools->ArtNet Monitor)

– New Device: Playdeck
– New Device: d&b 10D/30D/D20/D80 (OCA)
– New Device: Blackmagic ATEM

– FIX: Sending Report is now working again
– FIX: Linking to parameter from a Press-Cmd-Stack (Button) is now finishing properly
– FIX: Crash when try to connect a Button to a Generator Modifier
– FIX: Images for Buttons are not getting lost anymore
– FIX: Crash when define Target Screen ID for Primary Stage unequal 1

– Feature: deep integration of Ventuz (Preview, Read/Write Scene Data, Read/Write Project Data, Handle Templates and Animations)
– Feature: Background Color for Stage ist changeable
– Feature: Satellites Connections to UNIVERSE is now more stable againts network disruptions
– Feature: performance improvments when sending on multiple connections at the same time
– Feature: Satellite Installer can now enable run on startup
– Feature: Satellite Control can send screenshot from all outputs
– Feature: Label Output can now connected to everywhere

– Change: minimal size of a timeline element reduced from 1s to 0.2s
– Change: Satellite Control shows Care Data without a UNIVERSE connection
– Change: OSC-Parameter can be set by Linking

– New Device: Spyder X20/X80
– New Device: blink(1)
– New Device: Roland XS-1HD

– FIX: LTC is missing a DLL for some systems
– FIX: web interface fader are not working properly for some brwosers
– FIX: Modifier without inputs can not longer selected via global UNIVERSE cmds
– FIX: Satellite Control – StartDelay fixed
– FIX: web interface can freeze UNIVERSE in cases of rapid command call
– FIX: OSC output for label trigger
– FIX: Scene Select for Ventuz reactivated
– FIX: Autoupdate web interface for Secondary Stages fixed
– FIX: multiple SSHConnector can mix passwords
– FIX: Watchout stopps sending Timeline State after reconnecting during a project
– FIX: Modifier Text losing previous result when having stacked procedures
– FIX: WebRequest-Connector create invalid requeststrings in some cases
– FIX: Trigger for OSC and MIDI not executing BUTTON_PRESS and BUTTON_RELEASE
– FIX: Controls only showing fitting Trigger Devices only

– Feature: Orbiter Ventuz is now working for Fader too
– Feature: Statellite PPT can not run in multiple instances anymore
– Feature: Linking reintroduced in a smarter way (drag deveices together in device list)
– Feature: copy Cmds and Trigger inside and between controls is now possible
– Feature: Variablen can be embedded in text e.g. Hello#valueSunshine
– Feature: Stage-Switch in KIOSK-Mode is now available
– Feature: BehringerX32 Cmds for fader and DCA groups
– Feature: ImagePro2 can switch to SDI2 too

– Change: Auto Take for LiveCore/Acender commands removed
– Change: marking text in web interface disabled

– New Device: Blackmagic Hyperdeck
– New Device: Matrox Monarch HD
– New Device: Matrox Monarch HDX
– New Device: Qu-Pac
– New Device: Web Request Connector

– Fix: Fader for Ventuz are not working properly
– Fix: Orbiter Watchout – KillAll isn’t accepting “Except Timeline” in some cases
– Fix: OSC Input for Fader not working correctly
– Fix: Grouping/Ungrouping/Regrouping can cause wrong connections between devices
– Fix: Switching to a Stage that is still visible on a second screen can cause crash
– Fix: Fader behaviour in Web interface improved
– Fix: hitting a button once but triggering twice in web interface while fast interaction on Android and iOS
– Fix: GoValue on a fader that is still at the target value can cause a crash
– Fix: crash when deleting a variable

– Feature: Satellite Control can be started with multiple instances using start parameter “multi”
– Feature: Satellite PPT can be started in tray
– Feature: using of variables added/reactivated in project properties
– Feature: Modifier Variable added

– Change: d3 renamed to disguise
– Change: Device Category “Audio” added

– New Device: Behringer X32
– New Device: Behringer MXWendler
– New Device: LTC

– Fix: Multi Screen configurations has crashed in special cases
– Fix: license mails with a plus are now valid mails
– Fix: Satelite PPT can crash when loading a presentation via gui in special cases
– Fix: tvONE C2-2×55 adapted to current firmaware – preset can be called again
– Fix: font weight is stored correctly
– Fix: timline will not longer stop when jumping tu 00:00:00
– Fix: right click on stage in show mode can cause a crash in special cases

– Feature: for KIOSK-Mode the background can be set to transparent to integrate an UNIVERSE interface into any other environment
– Feature: Multipad extended for dropping elements from desktop
– Feature: position for windows in show mode can be set
– Feature: “Always on top” for stages added
– Feature: KIOSK-Mode can be closed by definded key stroke
– Feature: automatic numbering of timeline tracks makes more sense now

– New Device: QLab

– Fix: local Screen-ID can be called again
– Fix: Satellites that were deleted can now reconnect to the same project again
– Fix: Frozen can now direct be changed in control properties
– Fix: Fader in webinterface will not fail anymore
– Fix: TriggerRecording is not longer inhibiting incomming data in some cases
– Fix: adding elements from Stage to Timeline is much softer now

Feature: ‚Wait For Next Incoming‘ added for TCP, UDP and Serial Connector
Feature: Text-Modifier can handle multiple inputs
Feature: Panasonic Projector device displays protections status oft he projector and can be used in protected mode too
Feature: Satellite PPT can provide data on stage e.g. for modifier network
Feature: Satellite Control und Satellite can connect directly to UNIVERSE if auto connect fails
Feature: tutorials for setting up VLC, d3 or Panasonic Projector can be directly called from property tab

New Device: Punchlight

Fix: inactive connection options between controls are no longer displayed
Fix: the layout of the “show screenshot” trigger is displayed correctly
Fix: MIDI-Trigger for fader is full working again
Fix: Protection Screen is now usable in Overlay Mode too
Fix: initialization problems Decision Modifier

Feature: Buttons can be spared from “Mark last Button”
Feature: Barco PDS FREEZE Command added
Feature: Timer supports single date
Feature: Speed up OSC communication
Feature: Deprecated Pandoras Box Interface replaced

New Device: Mitti
New Device: Rutenbeck TCR IP 4
New Device: Phidget 0/16/26
New Device: Roland V-1HD
New Device: Roland V-40HD
New Device: ATEM Switcher
New Device: Slesa-UE7

Fix: Trigger overview was not shown correctly
Fix: Orbiter can’t be deactivated completely
Fix: Global spacing settings were not applied
Fix: Fader for Pandoras Box are not smooth enough
Fix: Stages with names containing special character were not reachable via web interface
Fix: Listing of devices and triggers sometimes inconsistent
Fix: Connection of many Satellites at the same time can cause destabilization
Fix: Using Tabulator in Report Screen can cause crash
Fix: Videoplayer crashes on some systems


Ignore Restored Project File added (UV Props)
Show last pressed buttons incl. count
Grouping of devices
Interface performance improvements
ArtNet Monitor has no input anymore – ArtNet-Connector necessary (no port crossing)
Trigger Listen, UNIVERSE Listen and Freeze for Buttons and Fader moved to „State“ in properties
Controls can be moved by typing values
License information can be stored local (no dongle)
Reset Stage when switching between Show-/Edit-Mode can be deactivated
Fader can be triggered by OSC
Freeze is blocking Short Cuts too
Ventuz Remoting added
Ventuz Orbiter added
OSC-Connector extended for any kind of in- or output
Some devices can be dragged to Stage to connect into logic system
Trigger can be decide input strings between Correct and Contains

Device Enttec DMX Streamer added
Device Analogway VIO 4K added
Device Dorime eingebaut added
Device Resolume Arnea added
Device Christy GS Projektor GS added
Device NEX-Display added

Service WoL added
Connector AMP added

Font properties can be defined as project preset
TCP, UDP and Serial can send values via fader
Fader have two speeds now (Up/Down)
Multiple Phidget InterfaceKits possible
Fader can use as SILENT
Fader and Buttons can be spared from Orbiter
Wait Time for Fader removed
Text properties for Fader variabel
Displayed values for Fader can be taken from Cmds (Parameter Value Index)
Adding a new command to a Fader, the fitting parameter will be displayed correctly at the first time
No control edditing using double click in show mode
Short Cut commands for controls can be delayed (Project Properties)
Watchout command “powerDown” added
If necessary UNIVERSE projects can be send directly to a developer
Spare from Orbiter added
Devices can be global De-/Activated using Buttons
Lightware-Matrix separated in LW2 and LW3