Lade UNIVERSE oder die Zusatztools Satellites herunter und beginne gleich mit deinem ersten Projekt.


Ohne Lizenz kann mit UNIVERSE die komplette Show programmiert und alle eingesetzten Geräte getestet werden. Nach fünf Minuten werden lediglich alle ein- und ausgehenden Signale unterbrochen, alle weiteren Funktionen bleiben jedoch erhalten.

(Win 7/8/8.1/10)

Aktuelle Version: 2019.01


Satellite Control*

Fernsteuerung und Analyse entfernter Windows Rechner in Verbindung mit UNIVERSE. Prozesse können ausgeführt und überwacht werden. Ein autonomer Watchdog ermöglicht auch den Betrieb ohne UNIVERSE.

(Win 7/8/8.1/10)


Satellite PPT*

Fernsteuerung von PowerPoint-Präsentation ab Office 2010 durch UNIVERSE. Ebenso ist es möglich durch den Ablauf einer Präsentation Ereignisse in UNIVERSE auszulösen.

(Win 7/8/8.1/10)


*Satellites sind kostenlose Zusatztools, welche auch im UNIVERSE-Installer enthalten sind.

– Feature: Full KNX support including KNX monitoring
– Feature: added Seek Cmd for VLC
– Feature: PJLink-Configuration for Epson Projectos added
– Feature: ATEM-Cmd “Upstream Key DVE Source” added
– Feature: Fader has Behaviour for automated values changed
– Feature: ATEM-Audio control added
– Feature: Input control added (type of Label)
– Feature: Label has now three types of activate output (Immediatly, Return pressed, Trigger)
– Feature: IMGProII-Cmd “Front Panel” added (un-/lock)
– Feature: Split-Method for Text-Modifier added
– Feature: Webinterface is now supporting ToggleButton
– Feature: Reset Stage now working for Buttons too
– Feature: Toggle Buttons can be set to “Toggled” by default
– Feature: Freeze Buttons for StreamDeck added
– Feature: Controls can be Un-/Hide during a show
– Feature: Picture Image can be set at runtime (no web interface support right now)
– Feature: Web Interface is supporting Font Family and Font Weight
– Feature: Ventuz DataTemplate can use Assets
– Feature: User interface performence improvements
– Feature: TextModifier “Split” added
– Feature: the value of a variable can be displaced by another variable
– Feature: new Control “ListBox” added
– Feature: new Modifier “Data” added for reading information from JSON

– New Device: KNX
– New Device: Pixera
– New Device: Irisdown Countdown Timer
– New Device: Extron Matrix DXP/CrossPoint Ultra
– New Device: Gefen DVI Matrix
– New Device: AJA HELO
– New Device: biamp Audia DSP

– Change: Lightware LW2-Protokoll adapt
– Change: When linking two buttons, the new cmd will be created in the last selected cmd stack (pressed or released)

– FIX: Button labeling not allways correct when using Orbiter and auto labelling
– FIX: Use images in WebInterface (Chrome still problems)
– FIX: TestPattern-Cmd in ImageProII is fixed
– FIX: LW3-Cmd In2Out hat not worked corretly
– FIX: UDPConnector can crash ln case of a very high, parallel load.
– FIX: Button in PLAYLIST Mode can now also be triggered using shortcut or web interface
– FIX: web interface is not longer stretching images for buttons or picture if not wanted
– FIX: web interface can lost response from UNIVERSE when using special character for labels
– FIX: TextModifier issues
– FIX: Ventuz issues when using multiple machines
– FIX: Missmatch using multiple StreamDeck after reopen a project