More control for your show! UNIVERSE is the device control from operators for operators!


UNIVERSE is the software solution to control all devices for shows, events and fixed installations in a simple, fast and reliable way.





Controlling all popular media servers, device types and protocols

By using a unified operating concept, all media servers, hardware and software protocols are embedded - this way complex systems can also be addressed and programmed without extensive prior knowledge.

Device List

Quick setup with an intuitive operating concept

While you are still busy embedding devices with any other media control, with UNIVERSE you already set up an entire show. UNIVERSE provides you with an intuitive command stack to control your show, which you can also customize during rehearsals and the show itself.

For a quick start, we have prepared a number of videos, so you can master the basic functions of UNIVERSE in just a few minutes. Simply start watching and get started with your first UNIVERSE project.


Reliable show performance with individual interfaces for any kind of use case

Whether you occasionally supervise a show or are a full professional – UNIVERSE makes you and your show better and more reliable. Apart from simple and fast device control and programming, you can also create your individual interface to have the best overview of your show – let UNIVERSE do the rest.


All devices for events, shows and presentations

UNIVERSE provides easy and fast control for all common devices from event, show and presentation.

Simple and flexible programming

Device or software interfaces can either be programmed via simple to use command stacks, timelines or, for more complex requirements, via logic blocks and nodes.

Remoting via web interface

UNIVERSE can be controlled from any mobile device via web interfaces. This way, Remotes for operators, presenters or client terminals with individual layouts can be implemented quickly and easily.

From operators for operators

UNIVERSE has been developed by programmers, who themselves have lots of experience as an operator and know what you need. Therefore, all functions and operating concepts originate from real events and requirements and were tested in reality.

Excellent Support

The UNIVERSE support team stays in close contact with many of our clients and supports them during complex projects. These experiences flow directly into the troubleshooting and the further development of UNIVERSE.

Preproduction and Tests without License

Without a license, the entire show can be programmed with UNIVERSE and all devices used can be tested. However, after five minutes all incoming and outgoing signals will be interrupted, but all other functions remain active.

Outstanding value for your money

No other media control on the market provides better value for money, performance, flexibility and efficiency than UNIVERSE. Even untrained operators will be able to program their first show with UNIVERSE within 10 minutes.

Ideal for Fixed Installations

UNIVERSE offers a variety of tools, to simplify the integration of multimedia shows and special exhibits in fixed installations. These include timers for devices and events, AMX / Creston integration, devices, process monitoring and much more…

Swiss Army Knife for usage in special developments

UNIVERSE is the perfect Swiss Army Knife to quickly and easily convert protocols, test interfaces and create mockups for a wide variety of special developments and projects.