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Without a UNIVERSE license, the entire show can be programmed and all devices tested. After five minutes all incoming and outgoing signals will be interrupted.

(Win 7/8/8.1/10)

Current version: 2020.01


Satellite Control*

Remote control and analysis of remote Windows computers connected with UNIVERSE. Processes can be started and monitored. An autonomously working Watchdog allows operation even without UNIVERSE.

(Win 7/8/8.1/10)


Satellite PPT*

Remote control of PowerPoint presentations with Office 2010 (and later versions) via UNIVERSE. It is also possible to trigger events in UNIVERSE during the course of a presentation.

(Win 7/8/8.1/10)


*Satellites are additional tools (free of charge) that are also part of the UNIVERSE installer.

Information for owners of version 3

In order to continue using your license, it must be updated once from UNIVERSE 2019.02. This will be communicated to you via a note about the program start. The update can be performed via Help->License. This update requires an online connection.

All new licenses are eligible for 12 months of update. All existing licenses were dated 31/01/2018 as the earliest purchase date. So if you are have acquired your V3 license on 07/05/2018, you are still eligible to update until 07.05.2019. Do you have purchased your V3 license on 14/12/2017, a license no longer entitles you to new updates.

An update extension can be purchased through our shop and can be used immediately.

If the update period has expired, you can of course continue to use the last version valid for you without restriction.


– Feature: Support for StreamDeck Std Rev.2 added
– Feature: Coundown start time can be set by text (Label, Modifier) or timecode input
– Feature: Overload protection for Monitor for high pressure message flow
– Feature: Go Fullscreen command for Satellite PowerPoint
– Feature: Overload protection for fast incomming data (TCP and UDP)
– Feature: Pixera timecode can be linked to UNIVERSE timeline
– Feature: ColorPicker Control added
– Feature: Handling of multiple displays/stages is totaly free now even for Primary Stage
– Feature: Cmd “PRESS”/”RELEASE” for VICREO Hotkey Listener added

– New Device: System (local health status and global keyboard input from HID devices)
– New Device: Communication
– New Device: Skaarhoj Control Panel Server

– New Device: VICREO Hotkey Listener
– New Device: Sonoran Coyote
– New Device: Enttec DMX Pro
– New Device: Philips Hue
– New Device: Audio Fohhn Fohhn Net
– New Device: Allen Heath dLive
– New Device: Phidges Digital In/Digital Out/Voltage In/Voltage Ration In

– FIX: Getting multiple TimeToNextCue timecodes from Watchout at the same time can be incorrect
– FIX: Countdown is more accurate now
– FIX: Crash when taking elements from the library without restarting UNIVERSE
– FIX: Run Countdown with Decision Modifier causes crash.
– FIX: Crash when using Numato GPIO as a trigger.
– FIX: QLab prints senseless socket error message when using multiple devices
– FIX: VNC Control is not crashing when using a connection to macOS Screen Share
– FIX: Variables on DecissionModifier was only accepting numbers – not strings
– FIX: Appointments in scheduler were not removed when control with timer triggers are deleted
– FIX: Pictures in WebInterface were broken

– Feature: Cmds added for Spyder X20/X80
– Feature: Using of infrared codes for all devices and logics
– Feature: Add “Combine” to TextModifier for combining of inputs, variables and free text
– Feature: Orbiter for Analogway Aquilon
– Feature: more Shure Axient cmds added
– Feature: NDI control added including NDI-Multiview
– Feature: NDI over web interface
– Feature: NDI support for Satellite Control and Satellite PPT
– Feature: Satellite PPT can send click information from active slide
– Feature: Watchfolder function for Satellite PPT
– Feature: Userhandling for connection in- and outputs improved
– Feature: New Pixera Cmds IgnoreNextCue, BlendToTime und BlendToCue

– New Device: RGBLink Venus X1
– New Device: Roland V-600UHD
– New Device: Roland V-60HD
– New Device: Phidget IR
– New Device: AJA Kumo

– FIX: Watchout: Countdown to next/from prev Cue is now working for MAIN TIMELINE too
– FIX: Bug in NDI-SDK fixed
– FIX: Library was not working properly
– FIX: Page switch for StreamDeck XL is now stable
– FIX: Loading a project by doubleclick an existing project and switch to show mode on startup is working again
– Fix: Improvements for Copy-Paste of complex modifier connections

– Feature: QLab can work without a workspace ID
– Feature: Password panel for KISOK mode is now appearing on each stage
– Featrue: KNX-Monitor can be logged to file
– Feature: Cmd “PIP” for NEC Displays
– Feature: DesisionModifier can nor better detect if comparing of string or number is required
– Feature: Speed up all Modifier
– Feature: “Linking Auto Execute” will execute a button automaticly if all linked parameter are placed minimum once
– Feature: Generator Modifier can generate Timecode
– Feature: Timelines on Stage can provide timecode and can be controlled by timecode too
– Feature: TimcodeModifer to transform framebase and modfiy a running timecode
– Feature: VariableModifier can watch a variable for changes from outside
– Feature: Project title can be synct to project file name (Universe Properties)
– Feature: Watchout- read Timecode and Cues from MAIN TIMELINE is now supported
– Feature: Reading Unicode strings from Ventuz is now supported
– Feature: Right-To-Left-Language support for languages like Arabic or Hebrew
– Feature: Decissions can highlight output connections for a better overview

– New Device: IDK FDX-32
– New Device: Analogway Aquilon (LivePremier)
– New Device: ioversal Vertex

– Change: Linking Parameter to PlaybackPro Cmds Load Clip P/T is now possible
– Change: Project Title will be initial file name

– FIX: Ventuz Orbiter can now better handle data from Template Animation
– FIX: When plug and unplug a StreamDeck multiple times during a session, the system can crash in some cases
– FIX: StreamDeck UI update failes when toggle without commands in command stack
– FIX: NDI-Source List is now detecting sources again
– FIX: Linking-Spots in cmds will be restored corectly after reload

– Feature: Label can be linked to button parameter
– Feature: ListBox input can now be feeded by label
– Feature: connection parameter “Print Incomming Raw” will override protocol settings and create a printout even if the expected line ending is missing
– Feature: Auto-Save function
– Feature: Line Ending is seperated for send and receive
– Feature: Generator Modifier is now controllable
– Feature: ATEM is now independend from device firmware
– Feature: Orbiter for ATEM
– Feature: Blink1 can be controlled over network by using Satellite Control
– Feature: DockingManager is much more responsive now
– Feature: Copy text from monitor to clipboard with doubleclick

– New Device: Stage Timer
– New Device: shure Axient Digital
– New Device: ALLNET ALL417
– New Device: Modulo Pi Player
– New Device: DEXON USA Dimax-Pro
– New Device: DEXON USA Divip-Pro

– FIX: Copying of linkings is now working properly
– FIX: adding new controls will update the control list for UNIVERSE commands without a project reload
– FIX: Combination of more that 2 operator can cause wrong result
– FIX: Stability has been improved for high load connection scenarios
– FIX: Style was not available for Watchout Trigger
– FIX: Devices without Fader or Multipad Commands will not be shown as available for Fader or Multipad anymore
– FIX: Watchout-Trigger for buttons has problems finding the right timeline
– FIX: Sometimes crash when activating a StreamDeck button, that has a twin hided by a page selector button
– FIX: TextModifier has problems with some sensless parametrisations
– FIX: StreamDeck layout is now consistent even if the StreamDeck UI in UNIVERSE is not visible

– Feature: Stream Deck can now used for Button, Label, Picture, Video, NDI, VNC, WebBrowser, Ventuz Preview and Fader
– Feature: Stream Deck can used for video preview
– Feature: Fullscreen Webinterface für iOS
– Feature: Fader has second input for set position by modifier
– Feature: Icon support for Buttons
– Feature: Stream Deck behaviour improved and support for Stream Deck XL added
– Feature: Workaround for special character bug in Barco EventMaster JSON-API
– Feature: Vertical Text Alignment added
– Feature: Countdown can count up too
– Feature: Vertical alignment for Labels (Label/Button/Fader) added

– New Device: Rutenbeck TC IP1
– New Device: Stream Deck

– Change: Stream Deck panel is now visible by default

– FIX: Orbiter Preset Cues Pandoras Box are correct labled again
– FIX: Label of Buttons from OrbiterPresets are now named correctly again
– FIX: Lag while project saving when using Watchout Orbiter and Cues
– Fix: small fixes for Ventuz Orbiter
– FIX: if transition for Fader is to short, GO_VALUE cmd can fail
– FIX: Stage Mode “Hidden” is lost after a project reload
– FIX: Reset countdown via button can cause a missmatch to the start value defined in the property tab
– FIX: Smooth Operator for Arithmtic Modifier was not working correctly

– Feature: New Cmds for Analogway LiveCore added: Switch Input Plug, Load Confidence Memory, Switch Confidence Mode
– Feature: New Cmds for Barco EventMaster: Multi View Layout, Route AUX, Test Pattern, Arm-/Unarm Destination, Screen Dest. Background, Screen Dest. Layer, Activate User Key
– Feature: vertical Listbox Slider has varibale width now (better for touch)
– Feature: Nec Display Cmds: Video Input, Audio Input, Volume, Backlight
– Feature: Button can trigger Label to show current time and last pressed Button
– Feature: UI improvements for Edit Mode
– Feature: Handles for rescale controls and linking points are scaling adaptive to zoom level
– Feature: Streamdeck more accurate when working with WebRequests
– Feature: Barco EventMaster 5.x integrated into Barco EventMaster 6.x -> Barco EventMaster 6.x is renamed to Barco EventMaster
– Feature: Pixera Cmd “Set Cue Name” added

– New Device: MQTT Connector
– New Device: Joystick
– New Device: Phidget Encoder
– New Device: vMix
– New Device: Keynote over Octopus Listener
– New Device: Octopus Listener
– New Device: Roland V-800HD
– New Device: MadMapper

– FIX: Crash when switching to OverlayMode (Version 2019.02 only)
– FIX: When copying Cmds from type UNIVERSE, enumerations can be lost
– FIX: Crash when receiving corrupted data from Satellite PPT
– FIX: Crash when Pixera is delivering Orbiter data too slow
– FIX: Track1 in Timelines is not sych. when deleting fitting Button from Stage
– FIX: Connectivity problems with Ventuz Cluster
– FIX: Dragging groups of controls to a secondary stage will cause wrong positioning
– FIX: Using Streamdeck with Orbiter Presets can cause problems
– FIX: Ungrouping connections can make child connections disappear
– FIX: Preset Buttons from Orbiter can not be connected to other buttons
– FIX: Only Multipad Output 1 was connectable
– FIX: UI issues for Orbiter Cmds after reloading project

– Feature: UI Performance improvements for complex projects
– Feature: Label can be connected to Fader
– Feature: StreamDeck can now handle 99 pages
– Feature: Analog Sensor data from Phidget IFKit can be linked to modifier system
– Feature: adding Opacity, Postion, Rotation and Size Control to Pixera Device
– Feature: new Category “Tracking” added
– Feature: Watchout Timecode Output can be converted to several time values
– Feature: Watchout Orbiter can now read Cues
– Featrue: Variables in Watchout Trigger supported
– Feature: Watchout Cues can be used to get further information about clips and timecodes (e.g. Countdown to clip end)
– Feature: added a lot of commands for Behringer X32
– Feature: Ventuz Device can control the entire cluster incl. project- and cluster management
– Feature: Smooth/Average added to Arithmetic Modifier (perfect for Tracking)

– New Device: Multi Display Control Protocol (Samsung)
– New Device: RTTrPM (BlackTrax)
– New Device: NaturalPoint OptiTrack
– New Device: TUIO
– New Device: TSL 5
– New Device: Visual Productions Cuety
– New Device: Depili Clock-8001

– FIX: Modifier Calculation had issues with float values
– FIX: Behringer X32 – Volume Fader 1-9 are now working correctly
– FIX: Clock can now be centered too
– FIX: Lightware LW3-Cmds fixed

– Feature: Full KNX support including KNX monitoring
– Feature: added Seek Cmd for VLC
– Feature: PJLink-Configuration for Epson Projectos added
– Feature: ATEM-Cmd “Upstream Key DVE Source” added
– Feature: Fader has Behaviour for automated values changed
– Feature: ATEM-Audio control added
– Feature: Input control added (type of Label)
– Feature: Label has now three types of activate output (Immediatly, Return pressed, Trigger)
– Feature: IMGProII-Cmd “Front Panel” added (un-/lock)
– Feature: Split-Method for Text-Modifier added
– Feature: Webinterface is now supporting ToggleButton
– Feature: Reset Stage now working for Buttons too
– Feature: Toggle Buttons can be set to “Toggled” by default
– Feature: Freeze Buttons for StreamDeck added
– Feature: Controls can be Un-/Hide during a show
– Feature: Picture Image can be set at runtime (no web interface support right now)
– Feature: Web Interface is supporting Font Family and Font Weight
– Feature: Ventuz DataTemplate can use Assets
– Feature: User interface performence improvements
– Feature: TextModifier “Split” added
– Feature: the value of a variable can be displaced by another variable
– Feature: new Control “ListBox” added
– Feature: new Modifier “Data” added for reading information from JSON

– New Device: KNX
– New Device: Pixera
– New Device: Irisdown Countdown Timer
– New Device: Extron Matrix DXP/CrossPoint Ultra
– New Device: Gefen DVI Matrix
– New Device: AJA HELO
– New Device: biamp Audia DSP

– Change: Lightware LW2-Protokoll adapt
– Change: When linking two buttons, the new cmd will be created in the last selected cmd stack (pressed or released)

– FIX: Button labeling not allways correct when using Orbiter and auto labelling
– FIX: Use images in WebInterface (Chrome still problems)
– FIX: TestPattern-Cmd in ImageProII is fixed
– FIX: LW3-Cmd In2Out hat not worked corretly
– FIX: UDPConnector can crash ln case of a very high, parallel load.
– FIX: Button in PLAYLIST Mode can now also be triggered using shortcut or web interface
– FIX: web interface is not longer stretching images for buttons or picture if not wanted
– FIX: web interface can lost response from UNIVERSE when using special character for labels
– FIX: TextModifier issues
– FIX: Ventuz issues when using multiple machines
– FIX: Missmatch using multiple StreamDeck after reopen a project