At the IAA Hannover Daimler presents its latest vehicles for professional purpose. All the different departments show their newest designs and concepts.

FRIDIE interactive developed a presentation tool that controls multimedia contents and enables speakers to show their presentations. It is a combination of UNITY application, a mobile App and UNIVERSE in the background playing together in a complex system. Via an iPad the speaker can open and control a Powerpoint presentation and switch between different predefined contents that are hosted by the UNITY application.

The system implements three basic functionalities:

  • opening, controlling and closing Powerpoint presentations
  • controlling the lighting environment depending on the current slide of a presentation
  • switching different video inputs of a Barco e2

For the first part we use two different UDP connections. One provides the path of the specific presentation and the command to open it, the second one gives the commands for “next slide”, “previous slide” and “close”. Thanks to the new dynamic linking it is possible to link the incomming UDP string to the path parameter of the load command of the Powerpoint device.

The received commands are then forwarded to the Powerpoint Satellite that runs on the PC that hosts the contents. To implement this using only the UDP connector we use the new modifiers introduced in UNIVERSE v3.

The second part allows a connection between a specific slide of a presentation and a lighting scene for the venue. The triggers for the related lighting scene are sent to a GrandMA controller using an ArtNet connection. Again a decision modifier separates the slice indices provided by the Powerpoint device to trigger the ArtNet command.

The third part controls the different presets of a Barco e2. We use the “Barco EventMaster e2/S3” device to get and set the presets. Again a UDP connector receives a string with the a string corresponding to a preset. As described in the previous parts we use a decision modifier to connect an input to a button.

Together these three parts are powerful combination of a wide range of systems, such as the GrandMA lighting controller, the Barco e2, Powerpoint and a custom made mobile app for the iPad and a UNITY application running on the host PC.