One showroom, five BrightSign Players, four surface tablets, three PCs, and a projector. On all these Devices contents should be started and stopped using only two buttons. In this environment UNIVERSE can show prove all its strengths.

BrightSign Player are build for 24/7 applications. As a result they do not support any power on/off commands. When the whole system switches to ON the players start playing content. When switched to OFF the content stops and the players show a black screen. To archive this we implement a black screen in the BrightSign projects and switch it on and off, when receiving the corresponding UDP command. The commands are sent to the five players by UNIVERSE.

One of the BrightSign Players provides content for an Epson projector, that has to be controlled as well. For this goal we use the PJLink standard that is implemented in the UNIVERSE PJLink device. It provides remote access to basic functionalities of displays and projectors that support PJLink. In this case we use the power on/off function.

Further information on the products of TORAY are provides by interactive touch applications which are running on three PCs with attached touchscreens. One is mounted to the wall near the entrance, the two others are built into a steles. Due to their wired network interface they can be started up and shut down remotely. The interactive applications are run on startup.

This functionality is provided by the free Satellite Control Software that comes with UNIVERSE. It not only allows to remotely start up, shut down or reboot a PC, but start and close applications on the PC and watch their correct execution.

We use UNIVERSE’s ability to remotely start and close applications for another four interactive applications. These run on Surface tablets and are each mirrored to one of four displays

UNIVERSE joins all these different functions to the one, simple interface with only two buttons, that you saw prior in this article.