UNIVERSE brings the possibility to control stages via a web interface. This feature can be enabled for each stage separately and each stage gets a unique URL based on ist name in the UNIVERSE project. This interface allows you to remotely control your stage from e.g a tablet or smartphone or any device with a browser in the network.

In our demo case we have three different tablets where each one connects to one of three stages in a UNIVERSE project. UNIVERSE then controls a WATCHOUT system that is playing the content that has been selected on the tablet.

To get this working the “Web Interface” option in every stage you want to access has to be activated (1).

Now each stage can be accessed through the URL (2) that is shown in the “Web Interface” section.

If you want to access a stage with a device in the network you need to replace the localhost in the URL with the IP address of the PC that is running UNIVERSE. In our case we connected three iPads to three stages.

This way  all controls in the stage can be accessed on the iPad while every iPad only controls its own set of controls. It allows you to control UNIVERSE with a mobile device when you need to move around the venue. You can even allow visitors to take control when you bring the devices to a guided access.