One of our latest projects contained requirement to control a Watchout setup with RFID markers. The markers where mounted to Products of the company and different markers should trigger different videos that contain information about the product.

To control Watchout with UNIVERSE we used the Watchout device in UNIVERSE that makes it very easy to implement the necessary transitions between the videos.

The more tricky part of this project was the RFID connection. Since UNIVERSE does not yet support RFID readers we had to work with a little workaround. In this case all the buttons in UNIVERSE are triggered by OSC messages to the addresses /sensors/rfid/tagfound and /sensors/rfid/taglost.

The message itself contains the tag of marker. All the magic in this setup is done with a small software tool that we developed and that forwards the tags found or lost to the corresponding OSC address.

So even though UNIVERSE has no direct implementation for RFID readers we can get the RFID tags into our project and work with them.