Once upon a time, there was a UNIVERSE developer who receives an email from a land far, far away. The land was called Finland and was high in the north. An operator asked for a new device to integrate. The device, a Phidget 0/16/16, provides 16 digital inputs and also 16 digital outputs and because the manufacture released a new generation of this units, it was no longer full compatible with UNIVERSE. The operator made the proposal to get such a device to perform the adjustment. But the man from the north called for a messenger and sent the device to the developer. When the developer received the package, he wondered why it was so big, because these Phidget unites are quite small. But believe it or not, the operator from the north had laid a huge bar of chocolate too! The developer was very pleased and after he had tasted a large piece, he immediately got to work. In the end, the integration of the latest Phidget generation became possible and the UNIVERSE developer got to know blueberry chocolate from Finland.

(True Story!)