Variables are placeholders that can be filled with arbitrary values ​​(numbers, strings). In the menu item Project->Variables any number of globally valid variables can be created and initiated with an initial value. The access to a variable always takes place via a hashtag. It is possible to use variables in command parameters or as parameters for modifiers. In order to assign incoming data to a variable, the modifier “Variable” must be used. The direct modification of variables within UNIVERSE is done via a global UNIVERSE command.
Let’s do some examples.

Example 1 - Variables as command parameters

Instead of the name of the timeline, a variable is entered.

Each of the green buttons changes the content of the variable. When activating the PLAY button, the placeholder is replaced by the value of the variable.

Example 2 - Assign incoming data to variables

1 – A TCP Connector is created and dragged from the Active Device list to the Stage
2 – A Variable modifier is dragged onto the stage and connected to the TCP Connector
3 – A variable is created
4 – This variable is referenced in the modifier

All incoming data in the TCP Connector are now stored in the variable.

Example 3 - Decisions with variables

Here two variables were created (1). #value1 is specified internally via fixed values ​​(2), #value2 is assigned via an incoming UDP command (3). Via two TCP connectors external data arrive (4), which are independent of the variables, but have to fulfill a predefined expression (5b) together with the variables in the modifier Decission (5a).