Since UNIVERSE V1 the device Panasonic Projector is available, but occasionally there were strange feedback from users. Mostly everything works well, but in some cases commands had to be sent twice or there was no reaction on the projector side at all. The good news first: we researched this behavior and found a solution for reliable remoting. Many thanks to our partner faces, an excellent technical service manager, who gave us many hours of access to a suitable projector to solve all the problems.

Higher class Panasonic projectors offer multiple protocols. You can use a web interface, PJLink or the native Panasonic protocol – the last one is the standard and the one we’re talking about. Generally, projectors are in protected mode. You need a user and password to grant access (by default ‘admin1’ and ‘panasonic’). Now comes the first difficult part – you can not change these credentials through the on-screen menu of the projector. There is a menu theme called “security”, but that has a different meaning. So you need to access the web interface by entering the IP address of the projector in your browser.

If you define a blank password, remoting protection is disabled. Since V3.2, UNIVERSE automatically detects if the projector is protected or not. So the first obstacle is clear, because now you always know if you need credentials.

Now comes the fun part – some of the Panasonic projectors (not all) close the connection after receiving a command. When the protection mode is active, the projector has sent a security code that we need to combine with the command we want to send – but for each reconnection this code will be different. Unfortunately, this information is not part of the manual. So we had to implement a completely new method to check whether the connection to the projector is still active or not because it is not always active. By the way, it works, but it was a bit like chasing a ghost.

Let’s summarize that. UNIVERSE V3.2 now informs you if your projector is protected or not. The protection mode can only be changed via the web interface. In all security configurations, you have full control over your Panasonic projector, even if you have a connection status report.