It takes much more than expected but now we are very glad to say – “It’s out now!”. UNIVERSE has come a long way from a small tool to control the Watchout Media Server for only internal usage up to a complex but still easy to use Swiss army knife for more than 60 devices. A lot of new features are added – most of them are inspired by operator and there practical experiences but we also added some “unexpected” features like the timeline or the node system to build logical structures between incoming and outgoing commands.

We also added a new license system, going away from hardware dongles to a state of the art online procedure. All in all we are very proud of the new release. Maybe there are some small bugs left and maybe there will be an incompatibility to some older UNIVERSE projects but we need you to find and fix it because we want to provide you a tool, like we would like to have in daily use. Why? Because we’re all operator and we know how even small inconsistencies can make the life harder.

So let’s care about your work and not the tools!