The new FESTO Showtruck is not only fascinating for the great new production technologys that are shown with functioning models. Behind the scenes there is a whole lot of media technology powering the experience of the visitors.

In total there is a number of 18 FullHD screens driven by three WATCHOUT servers, a 7.1 surround sound system and a X32 sound mixer, two media playback computers streaming their contents via NDI, a software infrastructure that controls the whole system and communicates over OSC and – last but not least – a big transformable truck around everything.

To get all parts of this complex system work together a central control instance is needed – the perfect conditions for UNIVERSE!

UNIVERSE controls WATCHOUT  on various triggers that get in via OSC send by two tablets. It ensures that all machines in the setup start up corrently and run their specific software usimg the satellite tools that come with the UNIVERSE installation.

UNIVERSE communicates with the LOXONE control unit of the truck via UDP protocol and sets lightscenes using web requests to the light control server of the truck.

Via SSH protocol UNIVERSE logs onto the NAS device that holds all contents and shuts it down safely as soon as the shut down command is received from the truck.

All this precise logic and the powerful functionality hides behind a simple graphic UI that provides the necessary commands for the staff to control the truck in its everyday business.