The new PUMA Showroom has an impressive setup of displays. Three multiscreen displays are surrounding the visitors showing all kinds of sports PUMA in engaged in. The centered set of displays can be used to show presentations.

Hosts control the whole setup with an iPad app developed for the purpose of the showroom. The app wirelessly communicates with a UNIVERSE instance behind the scenes.

The whole video setup is powered by WATCHOUT. The presentation that can be activated is streamed to WATCHOUT using NDI technology. UNIVERSE fades the corresponding layers and controls the sound.

The sound device that mixes the different inputs like microphones, WATCHOUT audio output and external sound sources is an Alan&Heath QuPac. The QuPac can be easily controlled using the QuPac-Device in UNIVERSE.

UNIVERSE connects a variety of devices and provides a single centered solution to control the different functionalities. Together with an in-house developed software solution we create powerful yet elegant way to control your show.