The new VISITAIR exhibition at the airport in Vienna lets the visitors discover the many different aspects of the every day life at the airport. Four different surroundings give inside views of the tower, the cockpit, the baggage logistics and a 24 hours overview. On over 600 m² the exhibitions uses of state of the art media technology to deliver an unique experience for visitors of every age.

On part of the exhibition is the Tower. It replicates the tower of the Vienna airport provides information on the processes that happen. It even gives the visitors the panorama view of its big brother. To archive this 8 64″ displays are mounted in portrait mode to mimic the windows of the tower.

Another part ist the Cockpit where the visitors step into a plane’s cockpit and discover the magic that happens here. As well as in the tower there is a number of screens and projections that show information and provide the view though the plane’s windshield. The thrust lever adjusts almost magically to the situation the plane is in.

All the displays used are powered by 13 Dataton WATCHPAX. The guiding system that leads the groups to the different locations and the thrust lever in the cockpit are controlled via DMX. A system with this size needs a detailed plan for the infrastructure:

For emergency situations the whole system reacts to triggers from the building’s control system. In this case all shows are stopped and the light situation is set to an appropriate state.

To bring all these requirements together UNIVERSE comes into play. It provides a simple UI for the operators and connects all the different parts under the hood.